We give solutions for your old photos and newspapers.

After years of sitting around in a box or photo albums, pictures will fade, scratch and crack.  Sometimes the ink from the back of one picture will transfer to the front of another.This can happen with old newspapers as well.  Over time, they will get yellow, very brittle, fade and break.  

We would like to help you preserve your memories. We can take your pictures or newspapers and preserve them to a computer disk, even if they are in great condition.. This way all your photos and newspapers will be saved for generations to come without changing color or breaking. Your memories will be their history,  to be told by you. If the prints are already broken,  we can fix them and make them look new again.  

Slides, negatives, newspaper articles or any old photos can be repaired to look almost as good as new.  

Broken photos, slides negatives can be put on CD or printed out.

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