Here at JB effects we will treat your photos and newspapers with caring hands.  We know how important your memories are, so we strive to get the message out on how to keep them preserved.  


See Preservation for more possibilities with photos and newspapers.

Repairing Photos


It is a real shame when a memory, such as a photo, breaks or deteriorates so badly that it cannot be recognized anymore.  JB effects will always specialize in repairing photos and making sure they stay in a respectable condition.


Even older photos that are broken, wrinkled, or miss-colored can be repaired and restored to their original condition.  


Fixing Newspapers


Over time, newspapers will change color, will get brittle, and most definitely will rip and deteriorate.  JB effects can take your newspaper and scan it.  We will then remove the tears, rips, and any dirt or wrinkles that may have occurred.  Restored articles can be printed out on a longer lasting paper, while still keeping the original newspaper color.  



Your photos are going to tell a story for the generations to come.  Help younger generations know who you were by keeping your memories intact to pass down to them.

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